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Scania R Series (Auto Also Known As Opticruise) Car Mats

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Scania R Series (Auto Also Known As Opticruise) Car Mats

Pcs/Set: 3

Clips: 1

Clip Type: 32

What’s the difference between the five mats?

Budget - Our standard car mats do exactly what they say on the tin. If you’re looking for a quick replacement for your existing car mats and want something that can be easily cleaned, shaken and will protect your interior from the elements, these are ideal for the everyday.

Journey - Made to last, these are long-standing and reliable car mats that will give you comfort as well as peace of mind. Our best-selling range, the Journey option gives you quality at an accessible price. At home in any family saloon or finishing off a professional vehicle, this is our most versatile and loved car mat.

Rubber - With a natural, wipe-clean surface, our entirely rubber mats are perfect for those who find themselves working or exploring in the great outdoors. Excellent for protecting your car or van’s interior from the worst nature has to throw at it, muddy wellies or dusty work boots are no match for the protection these car mats offer.

Premium - If you own a premium car, then you need a car mat to match. With a deeper pile to the carpet, these durable, sleek car mats are made to last and complement your pride and joy. These mats offer both a great look and the protection you need. For added style, these are the perfect car mats for you.

Luxury - When only the best will do, this is the car mat for you. Finished to the highest standard, these mats are for the discerning car lover. Suited to high performance cars or the most exclusive vehicles, our top of the range mats are comfortable, hard-wearing and look the part. Get the car mat that’s right for you.